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From: Holly Moon
Subject: First ExperiencesThis story contains a theme of sexual contact between
minors. If you are likely to be offended don't read on! This
story is based on my real life experiences. The names of the
characters have been changed to protect the identities of
the people involved.
First Experiences
Holly Moon
Megan lay on her bed, next to Victoria, her long term
girlfriend. They'd just finished making love and not for the
first time that evening. Both girls lay there silently, both
naked and enjoying the peace and quiet. Victoria turned to
Megan and asked, "What was your first lesbian experience?"Megan chuckled, remembering the three events she noted as
turning points in her sexual awareness, her sexuality and
her life."Well" she said "there's a few really that sort of shaped me
to be who I am today" Sh paused"The first I suppose was not sex, but a kinky story. I was
probably about 8, maybe 9. I remember it was the summer
holidays and I was laid on the grass in my garden with my
best friend at the time, Becki, she was called. And she was
telling me about this girl called Toni, from school. Toni
had seen this film with pedo loli kids a man and loli bbs dark sexo
a woman having sex and she
was really intrigued and when Becki had gone over to her
house she showed Becki what she'd seen. Becki described how
Toni had fondled her non existent breasts and had laid on
top of Becki and ground her pussy against hers. I remember
Becki telling me how good it felt and describing the
movements of loli young model clips Toni as she was on top of her. I think that was
the first time I was ever sexually excited, I remember the
tingling feeling and my pussy being abnormally wet
afterwards and I made Becki tell me the story several
times.""The second rl lolicon was personal, sexual contact and it was my first
orgasm. I was 10 and pedo loli kids it was summer. I was with my friend in
her bedroom and we talking about sex. My friend, Leah, was
telling me how dogs do "it". And I was really baffled so she
said to me, "Oh- I'll show you! Get down on all fours" So I
did. And Leah got on top of me and started grinding her hips
into my arse. I was really excited. She stopped and I tried
with her and then she did it again with me, several times. I
remember my pussy getting wet and my whole groin area
tensing up and tingling, finding it hard to breathe and
collapsing underneath Leah.""The first time I kissed a girl was special for me too. I
think she was the first girl I ever loved. I was 12 and she
was one of my best friends at school. We used to pretend to
kiss to tease the boys, like she'd cover my mouth with her
hand and kiss that. And one day when there was just the two
of us she said to me, "let's practise kissin'" I though yeah
cool! And she kissed me, there and then, tongues and
everything. I was a bit shocked but it was nice and I liked
it.""That's it really"Megan looked across at Victoria who was quietly listening to
the stories and fingering herself.As always I would be grateful for any comments of
constructive criticism. Email any communication to
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